Wednesday, December 26, 2012

irving harper/finally a book!

I got a really lovely surprise in the mail before Christmas. A few of the new Irving Harper/Works in Paper book that is coming out soon. you can pre-order it here. I am so proud to have some my images from my shoots at Irving's included in the book. It is exciting that more people will get a chance to see Irving's amazing paper sculptures in more detail. So inspiring!! Michael Maharam and his crew have done such a wonderful job.
Looking at the new book today got me to thinking about all the images I have never shared and for some reason this one jumped out at me. Just a storage room in Irvings attic/studio, but man were there some gems in there! Lots of files of his furniture designs, and of course, a few paper sculptures/pieces, as you can see. I really love the wall with the crack marks. They reminded me of snail trails.

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