Thursday, December 6, 2012

J'adore Antwerp/ le zoo

Did I mention that I fell in love with the city of Antwerp during my trip? Well, I did...for so many reasons. So for the next few days I am going to share just a few of them.
I happened upon the entrance to the zoo completely by accident. It is right next to the Centraal Station. I cannot remember why I was over there but I went for a lot of walks so that is the most likely reason. The lion just captivated me. How incredibly beautiful is he?! I didn't go in. I just admired the entry...and then that class of school children walked out in pairs and all I could think was "how lucky to be able to come to this zoo as a child."


  1. Yes, the Zoo in Antwerp is very beautiful, but they had to renovate the cages, because the poor animals had no place to move and breath! It was still from the colonial area from Belgium.

    1. Oh Geez, Andrea, that is awful! Glad they renovated. I actually didn't go inside. Zoos are generally not my thing. But the exterior of the Antwerp Zoo is just gorgeous!