Wednesday, December 19, 2012

shopping at castiglione/

It is hard to avoid. When I am shooting all these wonderful houses, in my mind I am kind of shopping. That lamp would be really nice in my living room, I will think. Or a sofa, painting, wall covering - you name it. I have a little (ok, it is big) laundry list of desired objects. Sometimes I even play the "If I could have one thing in this house what would it be?" At Achille Castiglione's studio, I would probably choose these packing crates. I know, this sounds crazy, but I just freaking love them! They are so sturdy and who knows what is in them! I would use them as a headboard for my bed - yes, they are that big. To be honest there are quite a few more things at Castiglione I would love to have, but my love for these crates knows no bounds...

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