Tuesday, January 29, 2013

daily life/mendocino writing cabin

I think I have got my routine down here at the writing cabin in Mendocino. I wake up, head down to the cliff for a walk, get a cup of coffee in Mendocino and then head back to the cabin to write for the rest of the day. I'll break for lunch in the mid afternoon and a light dinner and if I am on schedule, let myself watch one hour of some type of downloaded mindless entertainment. Something light. It is a simple, intense routine, but it is working.
The other day as I got back to the cabin after my walk, I started laughing at myself because I realized that my routine when I get to the cabin is exactly what Mr. Rogers did at the beginning of every single one of his shows. (For those of you not familiar with Mr. Rogers, go here.) I put down my things, take off my shoes and change them to my "cabin moccasins". Then I take off my outdoor coat and change into my comfy sweater that my Mom hand knitted for my Dad in the 1970's. It has a zipper instead of buttons and for some reason, I always noticed that Mr. Rogers always had zippered sweaters. Maybe that is why this all came to mind. It is fascinating where your mind goes when you are alone in your thoughts all the time. I find myself remembering things I didn't realize were in this brain of mine. Sometimes these memories are discoveries unto themselves. I love it!
OK. Enough with the rambling. Back to work.
PS - this is another of my favorite images from my morning walks. There are lots more on Instagram. @lesliewilliamson

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