Thursday, January 17, 2013

the flu and mortality/

I have been absent. I am one of the many who has had a bit of the flu - albeit a tiny speck of it - and now a tiny bit of a cold. It is more of an annoyance at this point since I am sinking into the writing of my new book pretty good now. Lots written and then chucked out.
"Does this have to be like the first book?"
"Can I even a write a book like that at this point? I am such a different person now..."
These are the thoughts running in my head. And then on Saturday, the flu.
The flu is pretty amazing. It reduces you to this primal state. I found myself having thoughts of my own mortality. Petrified my book would never be finished. I frantically tried to think of WHO on this planet could do it. I couldn't come up with one person. Not out of hubris or ego but just that I photographed everything - no one else can tell the stories!
So I got better. I was lucky, only a two and a half day flu. Now I have the sniffles which I just find so annoying! How dare they (those sniffles!), don't the know I have stuff to do?!?!
But at least you get a rambly blog post finally and some cuckoo images from Vienna. I can't even edit this properly... ah well. Nice to be back. Hope you all are keeping healthy!  xx


  1. Get well! I'm looking forward to seeing the new book!

    1. Thank you Will! The book is coming along nicely! : )