Wednesday, February 27, 2013

daily life/I don't make u-turns for photos...

...but I just did for this one.
I was driving home from getting a coffee and glanced over at my favorite house in our neighborhood (the original farmhouse for our hill in Diamond Heights) and saw this hawk just perched there. I said out loud (in the car by myself) "are you kidding?!?" and I flipped a U-y. I was sure I would have scared him away by coming close but he was watching something in the grass and just looked at me. We stared at each other for awhile, actually. As we did, his chest feathers were blowing in the breeze and I could see how soft and downy they were. Wow...I really needed that!!
The Kickstarter is rolling along with a lot of tending and emails (pledge here, there is still aways to go!) and I am doing a bunch of slideshow talks and I am continuing to work on writing and perfecting the chapters of my book. It is a lot to handle for me alone. I know these are all wonderful opportunities to share my work that I love with people, so I focus on that, but still, I admit I am scattered. So my moments with this hawk just helped put me back in place - with the cycles of life and the simple things that are important...and I really needed that.
The hawks have actually been riding the air currents above our house a lot lately and I watch them then too...but that is another story.
Have a lovely day my friends. Take a moment to stop and be still. It really helps sometimes.

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  1. What a stunning photograph! The blue of the sky and the white of the house.....gorgeous!