Friday, February 22, 2013

scenes from Antwerp/light and sound

This was my view out my window in Antwerp when I was there last September. I have been saving it for awhile because I shot a series of views out to this square and I wanted to run them all together, but I just haven't had the time to do that. And then yesterday, as I was trying to get my head to a place where I could clear away all the thoughts and get to that quiet, true place I have to get to for writing, I heard the sound of these skateboards in my head and I was there. When I  first heard them as I was writing the Julia Kalthoff People Watching post and the sound made me get up and look out the window. It was late afternoon and the sun was raking through the square. Just look at this kid...doesn't he look like he is dancing? Just beautiful...

On another note I'm still plugging away at my Kickstarter for Handcrafted Modern Europe. I am almost half way!! Please take a look and pledge this weekend...and have a good relaxing one while you are at it!  ; )

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