Monday, March 4, 2013

european moderns/the blurry stuff

Yes...a blurry picture today but I really love it. When I started on my European adventure photographing all the homes of architects and designers, I wasn't sure how much I could/should share. It is always a little dance with the internet and images and I just wasn't so sure of the steps. So I started taking these blurry shots of the houses I was shooting. Like a teaser image. I am a bit disappointed I didn't do this for all the houses because I am loving the ones I did take. Like this one from Carlo Mollino's kitchen. I am not sure if I love it because I know what the focused version looks like or if it is actually a good image. I guess time will tell.

A special thanks to Remodelista for including my Kickstarter fundraising campaign in their Current Obsessions post yesterday. It is nice to be obsessed over...  ; )
Less than two weeks left for my Kickstarter and about $11,000 still to raise! Exciting times!
Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, you are all amazing!

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