Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kickstarter/$4000 to raise by Thursday!

I am in the home stretch my friends! Of the $41,000 I have to raise to finish my new book of European homes, I have $4000 left til the promised land! I am cautiously optimistic at this point! But because Kickstarter is "all or nothing", if I don't make it to my goal, all pledges go away and I am at square one with fundraising again. So I still have a bit to go.
PLEASE PLEDGE if you plan to do so! You can prebuy your book or if you want some beautiful limited edition prints you can pledge a little more. Just a heads up, the $500 for 2 16x20" limited edition prints is basically a 2 for one price (my 16x20" prints are usually $500 each. this price is exclusively for the Kickstarter).
I cannot wait to reach my goal and work full time on making this book as beautiful as i know it will be. Please help me get there with your pledge!
Thank you!!


  1. Hi Lesley, I recently found your blog (and instagram, and book, and kickstarter!) and it's all beautiful. Good luck with the rest of your kickstarter project, you don't have far to go now. I wish I could have given more but I guess every little bit helps.

    1. Hi Zoe!
      Thank you so much!! I appreciate your support and glad you like my work. The new book is pretty! so excited! So glad you are along for the ride!

  2. I wish all good for your kickstarter project. xo
    - Herman Swan