Thursday, April 25, 2013

handcrafted modern/outtakes/blunk

Well...obviously I am having a JB Blunk moment. I had to go through the images I shot for Handcrafted Modern the other day and realized that all the digital images I shot I just never even looked at. Like this first image. I literally had never noticed it until the other day. I am in love with it now needless to say. Click on it to make it bigger. Take a little mental vacation.


  1. Hello Leslie

    I have been following your blog now for a while and just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful pictures and posts. they all are like little holidays. When I first came across your page I had two hours spare and spent them looking through all the posts you had created. It was like a mini vacation!
    I used to work as an architect and dropped out 3 years ago as I missed working with my hands. I am now working as a paper designer and love it (, but I do still love good architecture and the mid century ones are my favourites. I love your book and cannot wait for the second one to come out. You capture everything that I love to see from architecture and design and have such a good eye to capture it.
    Good luck with putting it all together and I cannot wait to see the next post and have as you say a little mental holiday.
    Best wishes

    1. Alice, thanks so much for this comment. It really made my day! Congratulations on listening to your heart. It only leads to wonderful places...
      ; )