Wednesday, April 17, 2013

notes from the writing cabin/habits

I am a creature of habit. I know it sounds so very boring, but I have learned from traveling so much and just my general temperment that one way to get acclimated quickly into any foreign place is to get the routine down quick. For me that means 1) where can I take my AM walk and 2) where has the best coffee and opens early enough for me. Returning to Mendocino to the same writing cabin I used in January ended up being a great thing because the habits were in place and so "settling in" took no time at all. And yesterday I was reminded of another perk of my habitual tendencies - feeling known. At this point the coffee guy sees me and just makes me an Americano (bless him) and that gave me comfort. I am remembered. When I thanked him for remembering my order he said that not many women drank Americanos. So apparently that is my identity to him - "the Americano drinking woman". It kinda makes me laugh, but it feels nice...
Just an image from my other habit - my morning walk. Not bad, eh?


  1. Not bad indeed :) Would you mind sharing the latest on great coffee places in Mendocino?

    1. Happy to Andreas! it is a tiny town so there are really only 2 options that I have found. Goodlife Cafe has the better Americano (and cheaper), but they open at 8. For me that is sometimes too late. Moody's opens earlier. I actually hit both since I need 2 cups (yikes! I know...) Moody's prewalk and Goodlife post walk. Then I head back to the cabin. ; )

  2. Thank you Leslie :) Have been to Goodlife Cafe many times, but had forgotten the name. Will need to check out Moody's next time I'm there. Mendocino is still one of my favorite spots on the north coast! Happy writing / editing / coffee drinking.