Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Pinner for Heath Ceramics/

Just a heads up that I have the honor of being a Pin Pal for Heath Ceramics this week. What is a Pin Pal you ask? Well a guest pinner on Pinterest, of course! Maybe I haven't mentioned this much but I LOVE Pinterest. In fact, my breaks from writing Modern Originals usually consisted of a Pinning session of anything unrelated to my book - mainly quotes. But I digress…this week, in honor of the Heath10 celebration, I have been asked to pin my inspirations to a special guest pinboard. So check out my Pinboard here. There is also a nice little Q&A with me on the Heath Ceramics blog here.
More from Tokyo soon!

PS - image credit on this portrait of me at the Torino train station by Maurizio Beucci.


  1. sorry this is unrelated but we are getting all into the holiday spirit and was wondering if your new book is going to make it out for this Christmas?

    1. Hi There Urban Earthen. My new book, Modern Originals, comes out this April. Sadly not for Christmas. Thanks for asking. Hope you'll pick one up when it comes outing the spring! Best, L-