Tuesday, January 18, 2011

dreaming of summer/

the weather is so beautiful in San Francisco today the I plum forgot to post on my blog this morning. I am just dreaming of summer....


  1. Wow. I just love this photo! It’s beautiful. It reminds me of a Rothko painting, but better. With the luminosity cranked up, and with more adventure, and mystery; that door, or window, or whatever it is, like a signpost or an entreaty to move past it further toward the light source. Very cool. The way the vertical textures change with a simultaneous change in color is so interesting. Nice work. And it’s kind of funny because I’m not a big fan of Louis Kahn’s work, although what I know of it is superficial. But my first reaction, usually, when I see his exteriors, is that they’re too fortress-like. I find myself yearning for more air and light. I do like the Kimbell Museum interiors, and the use of light and materials on the interior at the museum at Yale is kind of reminiscent of an ancient Roman villa -- formal, proportional, but conscious of the light, reaching for it. And the exterior space at that Salk Institute is really free and open, perfect for that sunny climate. When I saw that film his son made about him, I appreciated him more. And you’ve taken an element of him here and made something entirely new, sort of like a microscope probing the surface and revealing another dimension. I really like that. This is a composition that evokes a soft and quiet optimism.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.