Thursday, August 11, 2011


Isn't it always the way... I have been asking all the people in my craftsmen project to go through all their stuff from the past...basically looking at their entire careers and pulling out important things for me to shoot.
Yesterday, my sister and I descended on my Dad's house to clean out underneath his house. (I was elected to go under the house with all the dust, cobwebs and black widows - oh the joy!) I had no idea what I would be going through was my entire artistic life. In the dustiest of boxes that we excavated from underneath there was almost every significant piece of art I have done in my life. Every bit of graphic design work I did in high school,  so many of my first forays into photography and even my entrance portfolio for Art Center were there to peruse. It was rather humbling...
So I am continuing in the same spirit now that I am back home. I have been looking at some of my past work from older versions of my website. This image is one of my favorites from one of my road trips through the South. It is actually in an old slave cabin on a plantation in Louisiana...kind of depressing, I know. But that window light...

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