Friday, August 12, 2011

nostalgia/the sounds of summer

Another image from my photographic past that I shot in Sharon, GA. I ran across this yesterday and it just made me crave the sound of cicadas and the feel of summer heat on my skin. San Francisco has been a bit chilly lately (typical July/August weather). But the heat is secondary to my craving for the sounds of summer. I feel like I haven't heard a cricket chirp in a year. Just thinking of those sounds makes me a bit wistful.
Have a great weekend friends! Hope you experience a bit of summer wherever you happen to be.


  1. Anyone else's post titled "The sounds of summer" would have consisted of a song list, linked into iTunes. Thanks for reminding us of summer's true sounds, and true self.

  2. Wow!...this is the South everyone is forgetting about and seems to be bulldozing over and tearing down these days. The deep south that you can't help but fall in love with. Beautiful.