Tuesday, October 4, 2011

lindsey adelman/studio visit

Imagine walking into a studio and seeing this...an elaborate satellite of lights being built in front of you. This is what I saw when I walked into Lindsey Adelman's studio in NY a couple of weeks ago. It is funny, but until then, I just never really thought about how they figured out the configurations. I just loved her work. But this is like a huge intricate puzzle. Just fascinating to see!
Her studio is a bit like a mad scientists laboratoire (in the best way) and the mood she has created there feels wonderfully collaborative and open. I like her work more because of it (if that is possible). And that huge new piece they are working on? Well, hell...it is just so damn gorgeous. I would love to see it installed and just lie on the floor underneath it for a long time. Maybe doze off and then wake up and see it with sleepy eyes, a little blurry... More images from her studio follow and one from the Sight Unseen Pop Up from last may.
See more of her work on her website and at Roll & Hill. Pretty, pretty stuff...

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