Wednesday, October 5, 2011

paul loebach/west elm

Another of my images from Paul Loebach's studio in Brooklyn today because his collaboration with West Elm is now available and it looks so great!  I noticed this grey chair in his studio, but wasn't sure what the story was behind it...a prototype maybe? I tend to be an intense observer when I am shooting, really involved in the seeing, but not always wanting to ask about things. And sometimes the answers just reveal themselves to me - like this chair - which is from the WE collection.
I love it when things just appear to you unexpectedly. It is life telling me I am doing the right thing, shooting the right places, following the right path. Everything in my life is like this more and more...I really love it! It tells me to keep going!

ps - I just noticed Paul's new website is up! Check it out and begin to covet his work as I do.

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