Wednesday, December 14, 2011

brooklyn/lawn piles

While shooting a portrait in Brooklyn I ran across this empty lot. All there was in it were these piles of yard clippings, but it seemed like they were not from this yard. It was kind of strange. My kind of strange see, I have a deep love of lawn piles. Have we talked about this before? This is one of my half realized projects that I always want to get back to but never have the time. In San Jose, where I grew up, the way they get rid of yard waste and clippings in some areas is people just pile it in the street. It is a careless, utilitarian act and yet some of these piles end up being beautiful little (or big) sculptures. I'm going to have to dig some up to share.
But this image struck me for the wonderful patterns on the wall. Especially that slatted panel on the wall. It is like some weird screen that they would project subliminal suggestive messages on...

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