Thursday, December 15, 2011

june schwarcz/yesterday

It has been a busy fall my friends. Lots of client work and not as much of my own projects as I would like, but yesterday that all changed. I finally got myself back to June Schwarcz's home in Sausalito. We had tea and chatted about her work and life and I shot a few new pieces (yep! She still is working everyday!). The beauty of my work more often than not is that these people end up being friends. And June is a bit beyond that for me. I love this woman. I go over there and have to remind myself to shoot because I love just sitting around having tea (and her lovely melted chocolate snow flakes!) and just talking. Her history is long, which happens when you are 92 (?). But she is also just so open and frank about every subject under the sun.
As I was shooting yesterday I looked back and saw her just sitting there watching me. The light on her was so beautiful, a bit Vermeer like. So I had to take a few shots. That beautiful little figure in front of the window on the right is a Japanese religious figure of some kind (she told me exactly what it was and of course it has flown out of my head). But it is exquisite, as is her taste.

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  1. Love this and the relationship that comes across in this post.