Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas gifts/

This year's holiday season has been a bit of a weird one for me. I usually get in the holiday spirit, but this year, I have felt like I am in a bubble. I definitely sense that the year is ending but the whole Christmas gift thing I have not participated in. You see, my family decided just to do charitable donations as gifts this year (except for my niece and nephew, who were FULL ON in the holiday spirit!!). I have to say, it was rather nice. I was grateful just to be with my family, and know a tree would be planted and a hive of bees given to someone needy. And then I started driving home. This was the sight as I got into my car. The crows were cawing to each other as I drove away and those cloud formations? It was just stunning. And as I continued on my way back to San Francisco, it just was getting prettier and prettier. There are perks to a "Spare the Air" day. Pink sunsets is one of them. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled off the freeway and drove along the reservoir for awhile. And just on that stretch of road I watched the sky turn a brilliant pink, the first star of the night, the tiny sliver that is the moon tonight (barely perceptible if you aren't looking for it), and a bunch of deer having their evening meal including a gorgeous buck. Seeing all these things in the space of an hour felt like the most stunning Christmas gift of all. How lucky am I?

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  1. Stunning Christmas gifts. It looks like Africa.