Friday, December 23, 2011

happy holidays/

Hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Me? I'll be mixing cement...(noooo...not really). That is a cement mixer, isn't it? This just cracked me up as I drove down the hill from the Blunk Residency. I love the odd things people do. I wish I knew the story behind this one...I cannot even begin to imagine.
Kisses you lovely people!

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  1. I asked for Handcrafted Modern for Christmas and was so happy to find it under the tree! I have just spent the most enjoyable hour looking through it and was so happy to find you have a blog too. Wonderful job on the photography and especially the design of the book itself - I'm an interior designer by training and a graphic designer by profession - so you basically captured my heart and put it in a book :-). Happy holidays & thanks for such an amazing book!