Monday, January 23, 2012


Last week I shot 35mm film. It has literally been ages since I did that. But when I saw where Kodak had taken it's design of the film casing my heart literally filled with joy. Isn't it perfect? Simple. Generic. Like those weird generic grocery stores from the eighties. I am in love with it. And then the next day I find out that Kodak has declared bankruptcy. Ugh! Not a complete surprise but still...I love me my Kodak film!!! I've never been able to form the same attachment to Fuji and let me just say, Kodak and I have had a trying relationship from the start. When I was in college (and later), every kodak film I fell in love with was discontinued within four months of my discovering it. Granted it was always obscure, weird stuff...recording film, VPL (a weird green cast film...), but damn they made me work for it. And I have rolled with the punches, to the point that now I just use their basic Portra 800 and am happy when I can get it in quantity. Hope Kodak figures a way to evolve and continue to produce film. With everything digital nowadays, it is an uphill battle to say the least. But we are losing a beautiful art form. How many college photo programs even teach how to process and shoot with film? Less and less. It makes my heart heavy.

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