Tuesday, May 8, 2012

travel day/ milano > vienna

Just arrived in Vienna and I thought I would take this opportunity to respond to a couple questions from the feedback post a few days ago. But first the images! When I was in Milan, I fell in love with the Milan subway. I love the primary colors and the simplicity of it compared to so many other cities I have traveled to. Three lines - red, yellow, green. Simple. The design is pretty nice too as you can see. As it was designed by Franco Albini/Studio Albini, that makes sense.

So what I haven't talked too much about is the realities of traveling like this but I'm happy to share. Maureen wanted to know how I stay comfy during a long flight. My secret to that is a cashmere scarf that doubles as a blanket/pillow/whatever I need. I am blessed that I can sleep on a plane, so that is what I do. Todays flight I only woke up on the rather hard landing. As for where I have been eating, restaurant recommendations, I have to be honest, I have no idea. I usually just tag along with friends and never note the name of the place. There were two fantastic meals in Milan during the Salone and I have no idea where they were! But great food and lovely people and I forget the rest... What I have found most interesting about this trip is that I have lost track of how long I have been gone. It turns out I have been gone one month as of yesterday. It doesn't seem like it at all and that is startling to me. I have always been such a nester. During the first book, three weeks was the outside of how long I could be away. But clearly I have changed quite a bit since then. I feel pretty comfortable any where I go. I do have a bumpy entry day, so that was today in Vienna. I was speaking to everyone in Italian and the internet wouldn't work. Just those little frustrations of traveling to a new place. But tomorrow I am researching a wonderful workshop for the Craftsman Project. And that passion and excitement makes all the little annoyances go away. Tomorrow is going to be good!

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