Monday, August 20, 2012

bruno mathsson/outside

Leave it to me to get enthralled with the outside of Bruno Mathsson's house. As many of you know who follow me on Twitter -@lwillphoto if you want to follow as well - I shot his house last week for my new book. I was all finished shooting inside and a bit enthralled with his roof so I decided to go traipse around outside and take a look - try to shoot his roof from the outside just for myself. I was literally in the bushes, as you can see! I love the humbleness of these shots, though, don't you? His house is rather simple, yet brilliant. I have always loved Mathsson's furniture, but his architecture, especially this house, has been a bit of a revelation for me. I posted a couple of images of his brilliant roof on Twitter. It is luminescent! So take a look.
I am on a plane to Prague today, so I'll be back asap. Fingers crossed I won't miss a day. I hate missing a day...  ; )

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