Tuesday, August 21, 2012

euro book sneak peek/bruno mathsson

It has been a quandry for me - what to show from the new book and how much? There is something to be said for keeping things under wraps until all is done, but I get so excited about stuff while I am shooting it and want to share it with all of you! It is one of the best things about getting to do what I do. I've decided if I shot it on my iphone, it can go on the blog here as a sneak peek...I hope this works. So today, one of my favorite images from Bruno Mathsson's house. I cannot imagine some version of this not making it in the book. I swear I can sense Bruno sitting in that chair looking out the window at his sublime view. The silence at his house is really profound. All you hear is the wind in the trees.


  1. Man oh man -- what a spot! That top shot is something else, the colors in the house match the tones in the water.

  2. so excited to see this, of all my mid-century stuff my favorite is a bruno mathsson gate leg table--what a brilliant guy, evident in your beautiful shots!

  3. The sunlight in the first photo is just perfect. :)