Tuesday, August 14, 2012

foundation maeght/alberto giacommetti (and friends)

This is what brought me to Foundation Maeght. In a word, Giacometti. They have an amazing collection. In fact, in the central courtyard, there are usually all Giacometti's,  or at least I think there used to be. There was only this one when I visited, but she made me cry with joy.
There were a few other pieces of sculpture as well (dazzling understatement, btw. Super incredible collection!), but I was in such a daze I didn't pay attention to who they were by.

PS - I have been informed by my loyal readership that the last three images are all Miro sculptures. Thank you everyone, you are the best! I swear I will pay more attention next time. But that Giacometti had me a stirred up!


  1. These are by Miro :)

  2. All in this post are, except for the Giacometti - of course. Miro did what the fondation maeght on their site calls a labyrinth. It's a fixed installation, just like the Braque mosaic/pool.