Monday, August 13, 2012

twitter/yeah I'm on twitter

Hello lovely people!
Just a quick note from the Swedish countryside. I am on the road again shooting the European version of Handcrafted Modern. For a solid two months this time. I know some of you like your updates when they happen, in real time,  so if that is the case, you should follow me on Twitter. You can find me @lwillphoto
I post images from the train and when I lose my mind at a house I am shooting for the European book. You never know. But since I am never that good at sharing across all these digital platforms ( I am trying to be better, I swear), I thought I would do it now. While I am thinking about it.
Kisses from Varnamo, Sweden. The land of Bruno Mathsson! See you on Twitter or here on the blog! ; )


  1. enjoy and thank you so much.
    everyday I make a visit to your blog.
    love the pictures love the words.
    olga from portugal - you should come and photograph here, you know souto moura and siza vieira.

  2. hi olga again, you know this stone houses in portugal?
    take a look.