Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickstarter/24 hours left!

I am at a loss for words that my Kickstarter has made its goal and then some at this point. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has pledged their support and endured my emails. Fundraising is a new thing for me and it has been a trial by fire but all wonderful lessons I am happy to have in my arsenal!
You still have time to pre buy your book and/or some prints should you want to. Even though I am over my goal every cent goes right back into my work of documenting the homes of these wonderful mid century architects and designers. It looks like there is just one more set of 16x20" prints left too. Someone should grab that! My prints go back to regular price with the end of this Kickstarter. They won't ever be priced this low again.
Thanks for all your support you beautiful people!

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