Thursday, March 14, 2013

kickstarter/last hours!

Just a few more hours to pledge your support for my project of photographing the homes of mid twentieth century architects and designers in Europe on Kickstarter! I have to say, I cannot wait for the clock to run out and I can breath a little sigh of relief. The support for my project has been so wonderful and now I just want to get down to work! I already have emails out to Germany, Sweden and I just found out about a couple more houses in Italy. The odds of these homes making it in the book are rather slim since my deadline is basically right now, but I have to shoot them! And you have all made that possible!
But today I keep working. I am editing the Aalto chapter. I confess I have been avoiding it. There are so many fantastic things I want to share and there is no way with the number of pages for each chapter. I can't seem to edit it down enough. Absolute torture...sweet blissful torture!

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